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About Us

Center for Youth Dialogue (CYD) was officially registered in 2014 under Zanzibar's Societies Act Number 6 of 1995. CYD is also registered with Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS).
CYD searches for collective efforts to empower, support and advocate for youth development in Zanzibar and around the globe.

Amani Mipakani (AMI) Project
Amani Mipakani (AMI) Project

From December 2021 through March 2022, CYD implemented Amani Mipakani (AMI) project. Objective of the project was to use dialogue

Zanzibar Youth Council (ZYC)
Zanzibar Youth Council (ZYC)

In August 2021 CYD partnered with Data Driven Advocacy program (DDA) to conduct a brief study in Unguja and Pemba

Woman Participation in Peace
Women Participation in Peace

CYD in collaboration with the Bright Jamii Initiative (BJI) are implementing a Women Participation in Peace project


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We work directly with our target groups

We collaborate with competent partners

We support other partners to directly
implement our projects


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