RENAZA Program Details

RENAZA Program 2017

Young people everywhere in the world are currently exposed to various kinds of narratives that pulls them into engaging in violent extremism activities. These narratives do often get communicated through face to face communications and both social and conventional media channels.

They are frequently connected into normal social and economic themes that resonate into youth’s negative conditions, hence making it easier for them to believe into new unverified narratives and results that often leads into potential youth recruitment and radicalization into violent extremism.

With generous support from The Foundation for Civil Society, CYD is implementing the project on Reshaping Narratives in Zanzibar (RENAZA). The project seeks to counter negative narratives through conventional and social media channels, that can easily reach to the young audience, and be utilized to spread negative campaigns and propaganda based on its unregulated nature and easy and open access to contents.

These narratives, left unattended, lead the society to social unrest, political turmoil, or state of confusions. The expected outcome of this project is to see the Zanzibari youth correctly use communication channels to build a stronger, more unified and prosperous Zanzibar.

CYD searches for collective efforts to empower, support and advocate for youth development in Zanzibar and around the globe.