Interfaith Program Details

Interfaith Program 2017

In pursuit of common objectives in Countering Violent Extremism, Center for Youth Dialogue (CYD) and The International Republican Institute (IRI) met in early 2015 and discussed the possibility of joining forces to have significant interventions in Zanzibar to help countering and preventing the bad narratives amongst the youth in Zanzibar.

The main objective is to strengthen resilience against recruitment and radicalization especially among young populations as well as introducing programs that enhance democracy and good governance.

The interfaith programming project aims at increasing the community leaders' ability to recognize signs and mitigate religious conflict in their respective communities to prevent development and spread of religions-based violent extremism in Zanzibar and Tanzania at large.

The project is run in a milestone mode, where as of January 2018, CYD has conducted 3 mapping exercises to identify at-risk youth and communities in both Unguja and Pemba Islands of Zanzibar. It has also raised awareness of preventing violent extremism in the project target areas.

CYD searches for collective efforts to empower, support and advocate for youth development in Zanzibar and around the globe.