Zanzibar-US Virtual Exchange

Zanzibar-US Virtual Exchange Program 2016

Youth from Tanzania and the U.S. have both been confronted with the problem of violent extremism. Both countries have experienced extremist attacks and youth in both countries are still exposed to the threat via the media and beyond. To prevent these problems of violence, policy makers and development practitioners have been exploring ways to meaningfully mitigate the threat.

In May and June 2016, through a virtual exchange program, students from SOS Hermann Gmeiner of Zanzibar, Tanzania conversed with their counterparts of E. L. Haynes High School in Washington, D.C., USA on different topics related to local cultures (food, dressing, religion), education programs, and preventing violence at local and national level spheres.

They further shared general understanding of their respective local communities and similarities and differences of the two countries from students' perspectives.

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