Youth Exchange Programme, 2017

Different initiatives have been taken by CYD to empower youth into being positive members of the society. Apart from other projects such as EYE, CYD creates platforms for youth to meet and share positive messages on how to better improve their self awareness, realize opportunities that surround them and get the opportunity to meet government officials to whom they can speak out their concerns. Youth Exchange Proramme is specifically meant to connect the youth from different areas of Zanzibar, with a strong belief that youth learn better through peer groups. On 29th October 2017, 25 Youth from Pemba, male and female, arrived in Unguja to participate on the exchange program as part of the RENAZA project activities. They met with their Unguja counterparts for a 2 day discussion and experience sharing on challenges facing the youth in Zanzibar.

The program wa held at Kidongo Chekundu Hall in Unguja, Zanzibar, and was officiated by Regional Commissioner, Urban West Hon. Ayoub Muhammed Mahmoud. The youth were excited to have a session with the RC and commended the good job he is doing to change his region. The youth admired the working speed of Ayoub and were proud that they have young leaders whom they can easily reach for dialogue. Ayoub commended the good job of CYD and noted that the youth have been vulnerable to be used by other actors with wrong intentions in the country. These kinds of exchange programs give youth an opportunity to learn and experience positive messages that for some youth never thought existed.


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What We Do

We strive to tackle both change in policy and effective implementation of programs that directly affect youth affairs.

We support youth centered projects and policies that empowers youth’s socioeconomic skills.

On the policy level we engage with policy makers and bring-in a youth voice to the policy discussion forums. We do these efforts through our three approaches

  • We work directly with our target groups.
  • We collaborate with competent partners.
  • We support other partners to directly implement our projects.