Tumadhir    Ali     Suleiman

Deputy Finance and Administration Manager

Ms. Tumadhir has worked with the Zanzibar’s Ministry of Finance an Economic Affair and Zanzibar Revenue Board during her practical placement as part of her college education in 2012 and 2014, respectively. She was an active member of Zanzibar University Accounting and Finance Association.
Ms. Tumadhir holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance obtained from Zanzibar University in 2015. She also holds a Diploma in Project Planning and Execution from Zanzibar University.


We strive to tackle both change in policy and effective implementation of programs that directly affect youth affairs. We support youth centered projects and policies that empowers youth’s socioeconomic skills.

On the policy level we engage with policy makers and bring-in a youth voice to the policy discussion forums.
We do these efforts through our three approaches

- We work directly with our target groups
- We collaborate with competent partners
- We support other partners to directly implement our projects.


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