Students Exchange

Youth from Tanzania and the U.S. are confronted with the problem of terrorism. Both countries have experienced attacks by al-Qaeda and adherents and youth in both countries are exposed to the threat via the media and beyond. To prevent the problem of terrorism, policy makers and development practitioners have been exploring various ways to meaningfully mitigate the threat. Toward this end, the Principals at Human Security Partners (HSP) in Washington, D.C. and Center for Youth Dialogue (CYD) in Zanzibar, Tanzania have been in conversation with school officials from of E. L. Haynes High School in Washington, D.C. and SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Zanzibar, Tanzania on running a four to five week pilot program, whereby youth from both countries can learn about each other, the threat of terrorism, and co-construct ideas and projects that address challenges in their respective local communities.


2017 +
Interfaith Programming (2017)

In pursuit of common objectives in Countering Violent Extremism, Center for Youth Dialogue (CYD) and The International...

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Reshaping Narratives in Zanzibar (RENAZA 2017)

Young people everywhere in the world are currently exposed to various kinds of narratives that pull them into engaging in...

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Imams Exchange Program (2017)

Violent extremism is growing across the world. More and more people are affected by the actions of violent extremists, with States...

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SEPI Program (2017)

For Muslim communities like Zanzibar, Imams are regarded as noble people whose word can....

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Leadership Program

Through the U.S. Department of State (DOS) CYD was sponsored to participate in a Sub Regional Project...

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Michael Johnson Program

Michael Johnson Young Leaders is a program that provides the underprivileged young people from around...

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What We Do

We strive to tackle both change in policy and effective implementation of programs that directly affect youth affairs.

We support youth centered projects and policies that empowers youth’s socioeconomic skills.

On the policy level we engage with policy makers and bring-in a youth voice to the policy discussion forums. We do these efforts through our three approaches

  • We work directly with our target groups.
  • We collaborate with competent partners.
  • We support other partners to directly implement our projects.