SEPI Program Details

Skills Enhancement Program for Imams (SEPI - 2016)

For Muslim communities like Zanzibar, Imams are regarded as noble people whose word can influence social behavour and acts. They can catalyze social good if well informed, or propel extremism to youths if not involved.

It is for this reason that CYD designed a special program that aimed at reaching out to Imams (community leaders) and empower them with skills necessary to raise self-awareness and understanding the role of the Imams in each community.

In collaboration with Zanzibar Institute of Financial Administration (ZIFA), CYD conducted this program in October 2016 by inviting Imams and other community leaders from different parts of Zanzibar to share knowledge and experience on different issues pertaining to peace and security.

The program was designed to educate the Imams who will thereafter infuse the knowledge to members of their respective communities.

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