Our Team

Hashim Pondeza

Co-founder and senior advisor

Hashim Pondeza is a Co-founder and senior advisor for Center for Youth Dialogue (CYD)
M: +255 778 885 000
E: hashim@cyd.or.tz

Bakar Omar Hamad

Finance and Administration Manager

Mr. Bakar has over 8 years' experience working directly with national, regional and international communities.
M: +255 777 878 293
E: bakar@cyd.or.tz

Kauthar Juma Nassor

Deputy Finance and Administration Manager

Ms. Kauthar has worked with the Zanzibar’s Ministry of Finance an Economic Affair.
M: +255 777 146 148
E: kauthar@cyd.or.tz

Machano Juma Machano

Program Officer (PO)

Mr. Machano has over 4 years of working experience in Communities mobilization.
M: +255 772 636 585
E: majey14@gmail.com

Amina Rashid Uledi

Bububu Center Coordinator

Ms. Amina has over 3 years of working experience in office administration duties.
M: +255 715 052 898
E: amina@cyd.or.tz

Ali Shaaban Mtwana

Pemba Coordinator

Ali Mtwana has more than 10 years working experience in Administrative position.
M: +255 777 413 571
E: ali@cyd.or.tz

Gabriel M. Ndunguru

Executive Director

Mr. Gabriel has more than 6 years of experience in the areas of Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Child Protection, Business and Human Rights (BHR).
M: +255 656 701 144
E: gabriel@cyd.or.tz

Hamad Hamad

A Co-Founder

Hamad is a co-founder of Center for Youth Dialogue (CYD). He has over 10 years working experience.
M: +255 776 425 100
E: hamad@cyd.or.tz

Steven Leach

Research Fellow

Steven Leach is a scholar and practitioner who has been based in South Africa since 2011.
M: +1713 213 8419
E: steven@cyd.or.tz

Rose Schneider

Senior Advisor

Rose Schneider is a seasoned senior expert in development programming in the areas of health, capacity development community mobilization...
M: +12022915829
E: rose@cyd.or.tz

Said Mbarouk Rashid

Program Officer

M: +255 777 105 305
E: said@cyd.or.tz


Adam Yunus Haroun


Adam has been engaging with Center for Youth Dialogue (CYD) activities from July 2016 as part of his internship program under  zanzibar University.
M: +255 778 885 000
E: hashim@cyd.or.tz