Michael Johson Program Details

Michael Johson Program 2017

Michael Johnson Young Leaders is a fellowship program that provides the underprivileged young people from around the world with the confidence, skills and resources to achieve a better future for themselves by focusing on sporting performance, leadership and community engagement.

It is a program that is built on three pillars, namely sport, leadership and community. Working with credible partners in these areas, Michael Johnson Young Leaders program provides talented young people based in disadvantaged areas around the world each year with the tools and confidence that will positively impact their future.

In Zanzibar, MJYL Program is in partnership with CYD towards working together on issues within their mandate, whereby, CYD provides a space for MJYL program activities.

CYD coordinates learning programs for the students from Brookline High School during their visit to Zanzibar under the MJYL program.

CYD searches for collective efforts to empower, support and advocate for youth development in Zanzibar and around the globe.