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April 11 , 2016 Youth roles on maintaining peace and security in Zanzibar. Aecrotanal Hall
April 14 , 2016 Principles of good governance: Fostering positive relationship between local government officials and youth TAYI Center
April 18 , 2016 Impact of criminal cases on youth and national development Malaria Hall
April 21 , 2016 Ways to enhance entrepreneurial opportunities. Mwanakwerekwe center
April 25 , 2016 Parents’ (women) roles on enhancing positive communities Bububu Center
May 2-6 , 2016 Skills Enhancement Program for Imams (a piloted university short course program). Zanzibar University (ZU)
May 3 , 2016 Roles of religious leaders on promoting national and global peace and security. Kidongo Chekundu hall
May 4 , 2016 Public dialogue: Unleashing youths potentials. TAYI Center
May 12 , 2016 Legal consequences for taking matters on hands (sharia mikononi). Mwanakwerekwe Center
May 18 , 2016 Importance of trustworthy on running joint businesses. Bububu Center
May 23 , 2016 Avenues for promoting women and youth entrepreneurial opportunities. Shaurimoyo Center
June 2 , 2016 Youth and women roles on enhancing national and global security . Malaria Hall
June 4 , 2016 Effective ways for income generating activities’ sustainability. Shaurimoyo Center
June 6 , 2016 Enhancing neighborhood watch: reporting and responding against criminal acts within local communities. TAYI Center

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What We Do

We strive to tackle both change in policy and effective implementation of programs that directly affect youth affairs.

We support youth centered projects and policies that empowers youth’s socioeconomic skills.

On the policy level we engage with policy makers and bring-in a youth voice to the policy discussion forums. We do these efforts through our three approaches

  • We work directly with our target groups.
  • We collaborate with competent partners.
  • We support other partners to directly implement our projects.

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