Imams Exchange Program Details

Imams Exchange Program 2015

The purpose of the Imams exchange project was to help Imams from Uganda and Zanzibar to learn issues of religious tolerance, peaceful coexistence and development of Islamic Institutions in the region in order to facilitate an open dialogue on the aforementioned issues, and to provide relevant and accurate information on the culture, laws, and attitudes towards the practice of Islam with regard to peaceful social coexistence in the East African region.

In February 2015 six Imams from Uganda visited Zanzibar and in April 2015 five Imams from Zanzibar visited Uganda as part of this project.

In August 2015, CYD and the Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum (UMYDF) supported six Imams from Zanzibar and Uganda to three-week’s visit the United States of America to explore more knowledge on the above-mentioned subjects. While in the US, Imams were hosted by Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation (CECF) in Baltimore, Maryland.

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