EYE Project Details

EYE Project

In most cases, when there is a vacuum that disconnects youth from their government and community leaders, the vacuum is often filled with undesirable actions which leads to loss of peace and harmony in a given society. This situation was also observed by CYD in its baseline study in 2015 when evaluating the mushrooming of organized street gangs in Zanzibar.

The speedy growth was heading to cause chaos and societal unrest in the Isles. As a way of eradicating the organized street gangs in Zanzibar, CYD intervened with this project that aimed at Enhancing Youth Engagement with official government leaders as well as connecting them with various socioeconomic opportunities.

On one hand, the project sought to keep the youth, especially those at risk of radicalization, closer to the local governments and helping them to understand the government institutions and mechanisms, while on the other hand, it was intended to create accessible means for the government officials to easily reach these groups, and initiate dialogues on how to be good citizens.

CYD was at the heart of the process where it linked the two sides---street gangs and government institutions through organized regular interactive dialogue, trainings and moral as well as economic support the youth. The project was targeted in the breeding areas of these groups in Zanzibar, namely Mwanakwerekwe, Shauri Moyo and Bububu.

CYD searches for collective efforts to empower, support and advocate for youth development in Zanzibar and around the globe.